Symposium Online Registration CLOSED

On-site registration available during the event dates only

Dates: April 23rd - 26th /
Location: Symposium Registration Desk
(Lobby of Hall E, 3F)

Registration Process


Website Sign up and Log in


Click on “Registration” tap
and choose the
registration category


Choose payment method
and pay for it


Check your email for
payment confirmation

Registration Fees

The fees listed below pertain to the SYMPOSIUM.
To check EXHIBITION PARTICIPATION FEES, please click the 'Visitors' button.
  • Overseas
  • Domestic
Proof of documentation is mandatory to register.
The online registration period has ended.
On-site registration only during the event dates.
Category Early-bird
(Until Jan. 31)
(Until Apr. 5)
On-site registration
(From Apr. 23 to Apr. 26)
Delegate USD 1,000 USD 1,200 USD 1,400
Delegate of Government / NGO1
USD 400 USD 450 USD 500
USD 450 USD 500 USD 550
USD 400 USD 450 USD 500
USD 350 USD 400 USD 450
Gala Dinner4
USD 150
Technical Visit
USD 30
  • 1Delegate of Government / NGO is applicable to employees of government agencies and NGOs. For government agencies, only those employed at the central/local government level are eligible. For NGOs, this specifically includes employees of non-profit associations and organizations, such as societies or associations.
  • 2Observers are applicable only to exhibiting and sponsoring companies.
  • 3Accompanying Person is for spouses and significant others only and does not apply to co-workers or associates within the industry.
  • 4The Gala Dinner is not included in the symposium registration fee. If you wish to attend, please make a separate payment during the registration process.

* Inclusions in the Registration Fee

Category Symposium Exhibition Lunch Gala Dinner Coffee Break Technical Visit
Delegate O O O X O Open for applications
Delegate of Government
O O O X O Open for applications
Student O O O X O Open for applications
Observer O O X X O Open for applications
Accompanying Person X O O X O Not open for application
등록 시 증빙서류 제출 필수.
온라인 등록기간이 마감 되었으며,
대회 기간 중 현장등록만 가능합니다.
구분 조기등록
(~ 1. 31)
(~ 4. 5)
(4. 23 ~ 4. 26)
일반 1,100,000 원 1,320,000 원 1,540,000 원
정부기관 및 비영리단체1
440,000 원 495,000 원 550,000 원
495,000 원 550,000 원 605,000 원
440,000 원 495,000 원 550,000 원
동반자3 385,000 원 440,000 원 495,000 원
150,000 원
테크니컬 비짓
30,000 원
  • 1정부기관의 경우 중앙 및 지방정부만 해당하며, 정부 기관 산하 연구원은 해당되지 않습니다. 비영리단체는 국내 학회 및 협회에 준합니다.
  • 2옵저버는 전시/후원 참가업체만 해당합니다.
  • 3동반자는 배우자 및 가족에 해당하며, 직장 동료 등은 해당하지 않습니다.
  • 4갈라디너는 등록비에 포함되어 있지 않으니, 참석을 원하실 경우 등록 시 개별 결제를 해주셔야 합니다.

* 등록비 포함사항

구분 심포지엄 출입 전시회장 출입 점심 갈라디너 커피 브레이크 테크니컬 비짓
일반 O O O X O 신청 가능
정부기관 및 비영리단체 O O O X O 신청 가능
학생 O O O X O 신청 가능
옵저버 O O X X O 신청 가능
동반자 X O O X O 신청 불가

Payment Methods

Online Credit Card Payment

  • -By selecting "Online Credit Card," you can pay online with an e-commerce system.
  • -Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are suggested for online payment. VISA, Mastercard and JCB are accepted by the EVS37 online payment system.

Bank Wire Transfer

  • -Direct bank transfers should be made to the account below. All bank charges for remittance must be paid by registrants.
  • -Your Payment Status will be changed from ‘Registration Incomplete’ to ‘Complete’ within two weeks upon clearance of your payment.
  • -A copy of the receipt of the bank remittance should be sent to the Secretariat by e-mail (
  • -Please note that the transfer must be made under the registrant’s name and must be stated on the receipt.
  • -If you would like to change the method of payment, you are requested to contact the Secretariat by e-mail (

Overseas Participants

Bank Name Industrial Bank of Korea
Account Number 065-034215-56-00054
Account Holder KSAE (한국자동차공학회)
Bank Address 328, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, SEOUL 06212, KOREA

국내 등록자

예금주 한국자동차공학회
은행명 기업은행
계좌번호 065-034215-04-811
  • 입금자의 이름이 참가자와 동일해야 하며, 만약 다를 시에는 사무국으로 연락바랍니다.
  • (E-mail: 전화:02-557-8422/8423)

Registration Confirmation (Receipt) & Invitation Letter

  • 1)An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion of registration. Registrants can check the status of registration and payment on ‘My Page’ by logging onto the online registration system. You will be able to print an official receipt on ‘My page-Registration’ once your payment is completed.
  • 2)How to confirm your status of registration and print an official registration receipt and Invitation Letter


Log into the Webiste


Click ‘My Page’


Click ‘Registration’


Check the status &
Download the documents

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • 1)Only cancellations made in writing will be accepted.
  • 2)Written requests for cancellation should be sent by e-mail (
  • 3)EVS37 will refund registration fees to prepaid participants based on the date of cancellation.
  • 4)Refunds will be processed according to the following methods based on your payment type:
  • · For online credit card payments: Refunds will be issued by canceling the card payment.
  • · For bank transfers: Refunds will be processed via bank transfer after the end of EVS37.
      Please provide your bank account details to the secretariat by email. Participants will receive cash refunds on-site at the venue.
  • 5)All bank charges are the responsibility of the registrant.
  • 6)Please refer to the following cutoff dates for cancellation.
Date Amount to be refunded
Until January 31, 2024 Full refund
Until March 22, 2024 50% refund
From March 23, 2024 No refund